Friday, September 24, 2010

Gearing Up - here we go...

Craft Show Season is just around the corner... less than a month to go! I've got myself a brutal November shaping up this year, with a bunch of two- and three-day shows booked already.

SO! It's past time to get crackin - got the first batch of Cinnamon Ornaments in the oven this very moment.

Raw materials and equipment - ready, set, GO!!
One pound of cinnamon, one 25-ounce jar of applesauce... some extra cinnamon for dusting the countertop...

Concentrating on gingerbread boy and girl shapes today... these little ones will eventually get pin backs and be pins.

annnnnnnnd.... Ready for the oven! After they dry in there for several hours (turning over twice), I'll let them air dry for a day or so, then smooth the edges with a pocketknife. After that, I'll paint them to look as though they've been iced, and add a ribbon and jingle bells.

But for now.... WOW does the house smell GOOD! All spicy and warm and cinnamon-y, with rain coming down outside. It may still be hot out, but this is the first of that autumn "Snug" feeling for me. Time for a cup of tea and a curlup on the sofa. :)