Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A fresh year, a blank page, a snowy white canvas.

And a few realizations that hit me this morning, in an abbreviated "morning pages" session...

Most of 2011 was simply a  frustrating year, creatively. Even so... I worked and studied, and pushed against the block that had been there for several years. Re-found The Artist's Way, and learned a little more about what exactly my block was made of.

2010 was a totally "fallow" year. Nothing happening, nada. Stone wall in my path, ouch. 2011 was a "set up" year. Prep. Background. Foundation. In the latter days of 2011, the block started falling away, I started hearing new ideas again, started following where they led. I made some new stuff. I watched some dear friends as they discovered new ideas and crafts. Inspiration doesn't stop with one person - it flows around, in, out, under, and through every crack in the armor it can find... it broadcasts...

So, here's shiny new 2012. 2011 has gotten it all set up and ready. And my mission, should I choose to accept it, is simply to reach out and gather the year in... then broadcast what it brings. Stay tuned. ;)

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